Kate Burness

I have been a professional illustrator all my working life, New Zealand has been my home since 1996, and the peace and beauty here continue to inspire, hold and nourish me. 

I no longer do commercial work, and for the past 3 years I have lived in Takaka, in beautiful Golden Bay. 


It was a gift, and a privilege, to participate, with nine other creative people, in the Cobb Residency. 


The Cobb is a place of great beauty and contrasts. 

The flowing freedom of the water and the natural world;

The control of the Dam, and especially the total control of the power station, combining to produce something new, a third element, electricity! 


A range of my work as Fine Art Prints is available through my website:




Pohara Hall,

Abel Tasman Drive,



Golden Bay

10am - 4pm daily

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