Lisa van der Meer

I've always had great interest in art, but only recently I discovered my passion for clay. From the moment I made my first pot, I was hooked and have not been able to let go of the feeling to have to get back to my clay. Clay clay has allowed me to create three-dimensional items, but more so I've found patience and the opportunity to embark on an inspiring journey of learning the many aspects that come with ceramics (through the process of glazing I even realized how much I loved science). When I was made aware of the Cobb Valley Residence I saw it as a new challenge learning to create based on experiences and inspiration. The vastness of man-made power, the hard manual labour that went into this, the company during those 5 days, the nature surrounding us and  the ability of ceramics to serve as a vessel of expression have proven to be very inspiring and I look forward to presenting you my work! 


Pohara Hall,

Abel Tasman Drive,


Golden Bay

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