Lois Morgan

I became obsessed by art and art making soon after leaving the cot. Over many years since I have found my greatest happiness in creating semi-abstract landscapes on canvas, portraiture,
driftwood assemblages, mainly of dogs, and art from recycled books, the latter evolving from being a volunteer book sorter at Founders Park and finding it too painful to discard old, tatty but beautiful books that begged to have something done with them.

Apart from the joy of learning through 'doing' I have benefited from many courses, classes and workshops along the way, and the guidance of some inspirational tutors who helped what was inside me find a way out!

The Cobb Residency summed up in a quote?

Winnie-the-Pooh asked Piglet, “What day is it?” Piglet replied, “It's today!”
“My favourite day.” said Pooh.

The Residency was wonderful time spent with fellow artists in a beautiful place, learning, doing and being enriched.