Pauline Watts

Hi I’m Pauline Watts, old enough to know better than to spend five days with complete strangers at the Cobb. Five days later and I have friends, amazing and funny experiences, brilliant evening meals and the start of some work I’m really excited about. I also learnt a lot about how other artists work and that is often mind blowing in a good way. 

The scenery for me was the big draw, being a 2D artist working with different media, hoping for snow covered mountains, yes, a different colour palette, yes,  and a look at scenery from a different perspective, Yes! 

You can find more of Pauline's work at



Pohara Hall,

Abel Tasman Drive,


Golden Bay

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After the postponement of this exhibition 

from 2020 due to Covid-19 we are now excited to be bringing it to you at a new time and a new venue.

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