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The Cobb Valley is a place of contrasts - from the natural landscape of mountains and valleys, with its unique plant life and geology to the impressive man-made power station and penstocks harnessing the force of water to create energy. 

I was immediately attracted to the idea of the Cobb artist residency due to my love of being in the mountains.


I have dabbled in art all my life - primarily painting (watercolour, oils, acrylics) and weaving harakeke/flax.  Living in a bush setting, surrounded by nature, I'm constantly inspired to translate what I see into something that captures the magic and share the beauty before me with others.

I have lived in Golden Bay for over 30 years.  15 years ago, I set up MONZA Gallery in Takaka's Main Street,  showcasing local artists works in a multitude of media. Much of my time is spent either in the gallery or toiling away in the garden at home .... finding time to paint and weave when the inspiration hits or deadlines loom.


Spending time in an unfamiliar environment with a group of creative people was interesting and challenging and I’m excited to see how the experience translates individually for us all. For me, it has resulted in a mixture of painting and weaving with a focus on rock forms. Rocks have often featured in my paintings ... this time I have taken them a step further... to another dimension!



Pohara Hall,

Abel Tasman Drive,



Golden Bay

10am - 4pm daily

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